Message from President

Welcome to the Japan Society for Menopause and Women's Health Society.

For past 25 years the Japan Menopause Society (JMS) has contributed to promote women's healthcare placing our standpoint at menopause. From April 1, 2011, however, JMS has changed its name to the Japan Society for Menopause and Women's Health (JMWH). This renaming is based upon our recognition of the importance of need for early and lifelong intervention in women' s healthcare.

Our society has faced problems of aging and declining birth rate. These structural problems brought about a change in individual lifestyle, which in turn affected women's health problems, directly or indirectly. For example, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and dementia are very common in aged women, while an increase in menstruation-related disorders has caused serious troubles in many working women. Prevention of the diseases becomes a largest matter of concern not only for medicine but also for health economics.

The average age for first marriage of Japanese women is 28.6years old and it has been rising. Late marriage among women leads to an increase in chance of receiving gynecological surgery, causing infertility, and even obstetrical complications if pregnancy occurs. As we know, obstetrics and gynecology consist of three major fields; fetomatanal medicine, gynecologic oncology and reproductive medicine. Each field has specialized and contributed independently to women's health and welfare. However, I am not the only one who is aware of the need for integration of 3 fields so as to promote preventive medicine in accordance with development of medicine and a structural change in our society. In this sense, I want to emphasize that women's healthcare must be considered pleiotropically and continuously through all life stages, and JMWS wants to be a leader in this field.

I am deeply honored to be the president at the birth of JMWH. I believe that JMWH can continuously foster menopausal medicine and serve for community with new sight on women's healthcare at all life stages.

Hideki Mizunuma

President JMWH